There are many options when deciding on the type of roofing shingles you want for your home. Whether you are building a new home or need a re-roof job, you can opt for asphalt, wood, composite shingles as well as slate, concrete, and clay tiles. The main components to consider are:

  • Cost vs durability
  • The weight vs your existing roof frame
  • Your location
  • Slope of your roof
  • Style of your home
  • Local building codes and covenants

Some people fall in love with the look of cedar shake wood shingles, but there are drawbacks as well. This next post quotes the director of insurance for the Consumer Federation of America:

Your Roof and Your Home Insurance | Bankrate.comWood Shingles

Because insurers have a vested interest in your roof, they price your home insurance accordingly, based on the soundness of its construction and what it will cost them to replace it. Note also that premium incentives and disincentives for roof types vary widely by company and location.

“If you live near a wildfire zone, you pay a lot if your roof is (made of) cedar shakes compared to asphalt shingles that are flame-retardant, or a metal roof that doesn’t burn,” says Robert Hunter, director of insurance for the Consumer Federation of America. “Some companies won’t even insure certain roof types, such as wood shakes, in high fire-risk areas.”

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Installing a cedar shingle roof is completely different from asphalt shingles. The following video provides step by step instructions and helpful tips for anyone who wants to roof their own home, or in this case a garden shed:

The other side of the story comes from a manufacturer of wood shingles that feels the option of cedar shake shingles is a premium choice with an upscale look that reflects its luxury product classification. Because of this, insurance companies tend to encourage alternate and less expensive options, limiting the selections for homeowners.

Watkins Sawmills provides the following advice when considering your roofing choices:

Watkins Sawmills Ltd: Shakes & ShinglesSawmill

Advice for Homeowners

Homeowners are advised to shop around for insurance quotes and pick one that is best suited for their long term needs. Keep in mind that one should be comfortable with the insurance agent handling the contract. Homeowners should ask for the appropriate impact resistance discount on their Certi-label cedar roofing products because the meet the same UL-2218 standards as other roofing product types. Homeowners needing assistance with understanding testing standards for specific product types should contact us directly.

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I agree that the cedar roof shingles and siding provide an impressive exterior statement. There is some upkeep to manage such as regular staining or painting to keep the moisture away, power washing the shingles a couple times a year, and inspecting them for cracks and termites.