Your roof takes a lot of abuse from the weather, but old age and a lack of maintenance are also factors in your roof’s health. Having your roof inspected every year will prevent some of the issues, but there’s no way to predict what Mother Nature will bring. If you own a home that hasn’t had an update to the covering in 20 years, that’s another reason to keep an eye out for problems.

Eventually, the dreaded day will come when you see water stains on the ceiling or drips on the walls, and then it’s definitely time to call a roofing contractor for help. Depending on the time of year, you may want to consider your options. You have to take care of emergency situations, but a total roof replacement is a different animal.

When is the best time of year to replace a roof ? The following roofer provides his opinion:

When is a good time to replace a roof, can it be done in winter (Home Roofing)

The question was, Can it be done? The answer is yes. The real question is “Should” it be done? The answer is, no, not unless it is an emergency. But Home in Winteralso let’s clarify winter, because we are having a pretty mild winter, so there’s kinda not a problem this year so far. I’ll reference “below freezing” from this point forward.

As a certified and licensed roofing contractor, my reputation is on the line. I debate this topic quite often with other roofing contractors who seem to care more about profit than a job well done. Well, I can tell you from past experience having been a professional roofer for 14 years as of the time of this posting, that the chance for failure increases exponentially when installed below freezing. It’s better just not to risk it.

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A full roof replacement is not advisable in the winter months.  However, fixing a roof in cold weather can’t always be avoided. When your roof is leaking, you want to prevent the damage from worsening. Insulation damage, mold, and structural deterioration are potential concerns when a leak goes overlooked.

When you live in states like Minnesota that have extremely cold winters, you have to get creative if you are going to help residential and commercial property owners with their roofing needs. The roofers in the following video provide their secrets for repairing a roof in exceptionally cold temperatures:

Some advice as to the preferred time of the year for replacing your roof might be a little skewed in favor of the roofing contractor. The busiest time of year for the roofing industry is usually late summer and fall. If you want to schedule a roofer to come to your property when they are at their peak of demand, their prices might also be at the peak.

Plan ahead and schedule your new roof install so that you can choose a date during their slower time. The roofing company will be eager to have the job and will hopefully provide their services at a fair price.

The following post emphasizes the need to plan ahead for a big project if possible:

When is the Best Time to Install a New Roof

Many home improvement experts recommend that the overall best time to install a new roof is in the fall. If you poke around the internet for advice, the fall season is most likely going to be a highly popular suggestion. However, as you will learn in this post, fall is actually one of the worst times (from a homeowner’s perspective) to get the job done. Roofers and contractors recommend it because this is the time they can charge premium for their services.

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