Metal roofing isn’t just for agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications any longer. You see corrugated metal roofing on homes and businesses all across the country.

However, in today’s roofing industry, corrugated steel isn’t your only choice. There are more style options than ever before that imitate other roofing materials.

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Clay roofing tiles typical of Mediterranean-style homes get a material upgrade, via Metro Roofs, to lightweight stone granule-coated steel. According to one roofer the scalloped roofing panels come in 18 colors (like Mission Gold and Terracotta) that, unlike their clay counterparts, can be safely walked upon.

Faux Asphalt

If community rules or personal preferences dictate the use of asphalt-like shingles, the Granite Ridge product from Gerard recreates the look in a long-lasting, stone-coated steel.


The weight of slate tile can mean additional engineering is necessary when applying the material to roofs. Slate-look metal roofing from Interlock Roofing is much lighter, making it easier to install. It also has a patented Alunar coating system embedded with a Teflon surface protector for durability.


A natural metal roof material like copper will patina over time and develop an aged finish. Future Roof offers copper roofs in a variety of styles, from diamond to shingle to slate looks. Available in 12-, 16-, or 20-ounce copper, these roofs are completely recyclable.Copper Roofing Shingles


Coated steel roofing from Kasselwood is made to look like wood shakes (without the frequent maintenance needs of real wood). Ten colors—Copper Penny, Aged Cedar, Evergreen and Black Onyx among them—offer variety. As a bonus to environmentalists, the roofing is made from 30% recycled materials, and it’s recyclable at the end of its lifetime.


Future Roof’s diamond pattern adds a level of sophistication. This more flamboyant roof style is perfect for architectural styles like Queen Anne, known for pattern, color, and texture.

Standing Seam

On vertical standing-seam roofs, an attachment flange covers the adjacent panel, making for a clean look and ensuring protection from inclement weather. Fabral offers a classic-style metal roof with narrow seams, perfect for a range of home styles, from traditional to modern, and designed for longevity against rain, snow, and wind.

Batten Seam

ATAS International supplies a batten-seam roofing material for added texture and visual interest. Great for a country home or cabin, the product installs like typical standing-seam roofing and is available in 30 colors (with matching trim options).Batten or Standing Seam Metal Roof


Metal shingle-style roofing from Interlock is crafted to resemble thin-cut wood shingles. Available in nine colors, the product comes in a heavy grain texture with durable coating. Each shingle has an interlocking edge on all four sides and is nailed to the roof surface, promising superior protection.

Barrel Vault

This Gerard barrel vault tile delivers the look of ‘S’ concrete tile without the weight. The roofing is stone-coated metal, which recreates the texture of concrete while providing better moisture protection than the average clay or cement tile.

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Using architectural sheet metal as the roofing component makes your covering much more durable and a whole lot lighter. For example, with traditional clay, concrete, or slate tiles, the infrastructure has to be reinforced to support the weight of the material. Using metal to imitate the appearance of these heavy roofing tiles, you can save money all around.

The manufacturers of this type of roofing use a metal press to stamp out the metal shingle, allowing for endless style options for metal roofing.

Even though this video is older, it shows how metal roofing tiles are manufactured:

There is a lot to consider when installing metal roofing Denver. The slope of the roof, the decking, venting, and wind speed requirements are all part of the puzzle.

Each city, county, and state have their own codes and regulations. This site offers an overview of Denver City and County Roofing Guidelines.

If you need expert advice on the type of roofing material that would best suit your municipality and the style of your home, contact a commercial roofing Denver expert. They will set up a plan to manage your installation and maintenance and keep your roof tip-top shape.