Metal roofing has become very popular because of its durability and low maintenance. Even though the initial cost is higher than traditional asphalt roofs, you should never have to replace it. Metal roofs are also energy efficient and eco-friendly.

An upgrade from plain corrugated metal is stone coated metal roofing. Not only is it even more sturdy than the galvanized version, but it can provide a very classy look, imitating materials such as ceramic tile, shake, and even asphalt shingles. Because of its resistance to Mother Nature and very little maintenance, it can actually increase the value of your home.

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Stone coated steel roofing is made from metal or steel. It is more durable, yet still retains the natural beauty of traditional roofing. After production, stone chips are laid over the metal, which is then attached to the steel piece with acrylic film. Stone coated steel roofs are ideal for homeowners who want the durability of steel roofing but like the look of asphalt shingle. It is lightweight, strong and easily installed. There’s no need for battens with steel roofing, and the metal shingles lock together. This is especially helpful against climates with heavy wind and rain.

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This type of roofing dates back more than 50 years. It was initially developed in United Kingdom to protect corrugated steel roofs from harsh climates. The combination of the metal and the stone coating create a very durable material, many times having a 50 year warranty.

It is interesting to watch how it is manufactured. Each metal section is covered with glued, blasted with sand, coated with an acrylic film, and then heat dried.

The following video shows the complete process:

Even though there are a few disadvantages to this material, the positive features of stone coated metal roofing far outweigh the negatives. The upfront expense is one of the downsides. As I mentioned, it is cost effective in the long term, but in the beginning you will pay a premium price.

Although the panels overlap, they don’t interlock, which could cause problems in high winds. However, they have been tested and withstood winds of over 100 mph. Another problem is that the rock/sand coating can vary in color, causing slight discrepancies. Other than the potential for the exposed fasteners to rust, the stone coated roof is a great option.

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Unlike other roofing materials, a stone – coated steel roof offers superior durability: it will not break, curl, split, crack, warp, or absorb water. The interlocking design of the roof panels, makes it resistant to heavy rain, freeze/thaw cycles, snow and wind uplift. A stone-coated steel roofing system has been successfully tested against wind speeds over 120 MPH, and 8.8 inches of rain per hour. The durability of a stone-coated steel roof will remain consistent overtime, offering superior protection for many decades to come.

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The fact that these sand-covered sheets of metal can be installed over existing asphalt shingles saves time and money. They are also lightweight, easily recycled, and they are fire resistant, which insurance companies love.