Got Foundation Issues?

A foundation carries the weight of the whole house. There are various types of foundations, but no matter what they are all the “Atlas” of your home.

Because it is such a critical component, choosing the proper class of foundation based on the region’s construction methods and climate will help minimize any issues with your home.

This post discusses five options for foundation types:

ReliableMidget / Pixabay

1. Typical footing and stem wall construction
2. Drilled shaft concrete piers and grade beam
3. Slab on grade with a turned-down edge
4. Permanent wood foundations
5. Basement foundation

5 Types of Home Foundation Systems

Regular Inspections of Your Home

The best defense for protecting your foundation is to check for potential signs on a regular basis. Issues are caused by a variety of things, but the type of soil your home is built on is one of the biggest fundamentals for a solid, long-term infrastructure.

The signs are there if you know what to look for. Issues like cracks in your drywall, stair-step cracks on brick siding, and doors and windows that stick are just some of the warning signs.

This video gives a variety of tell-tale evidence that is apparent when certain elements apply. Most are easily recognized by an experienced home inspector:

As outlined, foundation problems lead to major structural damage within your home. If you own your home or are looking for a new location, problems with the groundwork of a home cause alarm for all concerned.

Cost of Foundation Repair

If your concrete foundation is distressed, the cost to repair it can be daunting and can make selling your home a big problem. The following image gives the average cost as well as the highs and lows:



There are specialists with techniques that can safely and effectively repair a foundation, but it comes at a price. Not only does it require a lot of digging, building forms, and pouring concrete, but you have to haul out broken up concrete and replace areas that are defective along with protecting the existing structure.

If you find yourself in an infrastructure issue, call a Denver area contractor to pick their brain on the best strategy for moving forward. They should be able to refer a good foundation specialist in order to get an estimate for your foundation problems.

So if you are in need of Residential Foundation Repair Services, give us a call!!!