If you have been involved in home improvement projects, it usually consists of installing some drywall. However, if you have to replace or add sheet rock on a ceiling, that is a whole different undertaking. You either need several people or a drywall jack to assist you.

In this article from DIY, you can see that the workers are using a jack during the installation. There is also some good advice on how to secure the sheets with screws:

How to Drywall a Ceiling | how-tos | DIY


Image from diynetwork.com

Get A Drywall Jack

You’ll need a partner and a drywall jack to handle the heavy sheets. Each sheet should be centered on a joist.

Insert Screws

You can minimize breakage by inserting screws 1/2 inch from the edges. Recessing the screws without breaking the paper will make the job easier and neater. Dimple or countersink nails or screws so they can be filled with drywall compound and sanded smooth.

Press the drywall in place over electrical boxes then lower it and cut out the indentation with a spiral saw.

Finish with drywall tape and three coats of compound, sand in between coats. It is critical that you allow each coat of compound to dry for 24 hours and sand it smooth before applying the next coat. Add a fresh coat of paint and your new ceiling will look great for years to come.

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In this video, Scott McGillivray first discusses the best drywall materials to use in certain situations. Then he goes through other details that will provide the best finish for the project. The tips for certain brands that work best for sound proofing and helping clean the air are excellent:

If you are in the position where you don’t have anyone to help you and no access to a drywall jack, then you might want to read the tips in the following article from Popular Mechanics. Occasionally you will have a small enough space, such as a bathroom, where there isn’t room for others, let alone a jack. The tip provided takes extra time to implement, but sometimes you don’t have an option when installing drywall on a ceiling:

How to Hang Drywall Ceiling by Yourself


Images from popularmechanics.com

Hanging drywall can be a difficult task to achieve alone, especially for first-time DIYers. The hardest part is getting it attached to the ceiling without a helping hand. There are a few tools to help you do the job but this easy trick is the most effective.

Jeff Patterson from Home Repair Tutor, is sharing his bathroom remodel which includes installing a new tub and replacing the walls and ceiling with new drywall. He’s doing the walls himself and to assist in securing the drywall to the ceiling, he screws a short piece of 2×4 into the wall studs leaving just enough room to slide one end of the ceiling drywall above it, holding it in place.

He also sets his screws into place on the drywall so he doesn’t have to fiddle with screws when he’s on the ladder holding it in place. Patterson marked out the location of the ceiling joists and transferred that to the drywall, which provides the location of the screws.

Once you’ve got your walls in place, you’re almost done with your project. Just mud the walls and paint them and enjoy your new room.

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A technique I’ve used before when we have a lack of help sheet rocking a ceiling is to make a T-shape with studs, one just short of the height of the ceiling and the other around 4 feet across, nailed together. When you lift up the piece of drywall, brace up one end with the T-shaped apparatus and hold up the other with one hand while you put in some screws. Even better, if you start some screws ahead of time, that also makes it easier.