Having homeowner’s insurance is part of owning property, but the specifics of what your policy covers is a whole different subject. Normal insurance covers damages caused by sudden or accidental causes, such as vandalism, heavy rain, hail, and wind.


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It will even cover water backup issues from a broken water heater that ruptures or damage from overflowing drains and sewers. Basically, it covers any damage that results from water moving from the ground up.

The big question, though, is what doesn’t your insurance cover?

  • Water damage from ongoing maintenance issues that haven’t been fixed
  • Older roofs are only covered based on the depreciated value
  • Aging, wear and tear, or poor condition of your roof is many times not covered
  • No flood damage is typically covered, no matter the source

The following post covers other inclement roof problems that might or might not be covered by your policy:

Does My Insurance Policy Cover Roof Damage? | Homesite Insurance

Damaged Roof

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Most homeowner insurance policies will provide coverage for roof damage caused by unpreventable reasons such as vandalism or fire. Disastrous “acts of God” such as hurricanes and tornadoes are also usually covered. Although wind, rain, and hail are covered by your home insurance policy, there are many factors that determine if your damage will be covered, and if so, how much you will be reimbursed. The same basics that apply to your roof, may apply to your exterior property as well. Exterior property is considered anything that is attached to the outside structure of your home, such as siding and gutters.

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One topic that has become a sore spot for homeowners’ insurance is whether their roof is clean enough. Yes…that isn’t a typo.

It seems that having dark streaks on your roof can be considered a reason to cancel your insurance. Supposedly, the stains can lead to mold, mildew and algae, which can damage asphalt shingles. Roof cleaning companies are becoming more well known, as they can save you from losing a policy.

The cost of having your roof cleaned isn’t cheap, but it can prevent having to pay for a complete re-roof job.  The following news video highlights this point in question:

There are software platforms being used by a high percentage of insurance companies that estimate the replacement cost for property claims. One example which is very popular is called Xactimate. It is supposed to save time and money for the insurance companies, but does it benefit the consumer or roofing contractors?

In the following post, it offers the viewpoint that the software is a joint venture from big insurance providers that gives them free reign to control prices and force the contractors to agree to the amount:

How Roofing Prices are Manipulated by Insurance Companies (using Xactimate)

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Big insurance companies got together and organised a joint venture – a company that “owns” Xactimate Solutions Inc (publisher of Xactimate). Basically, they have set up and are in control of specific prices that they “agree” to pay for work, and have FORCED the roofing industry to agree to these prices (we will discuss the FORCED part below).

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If you’re wondering, does my insurance policy cover my roof, you need to ask a lot of questions. With the pricing controls, the roofing contractor either has to cut corners or they have to hire cheap help to get work done at a price that will still allow them to earn a profit. In the same breath, the homeowner may not be able to hire a quality contractor to do the job if the coverage is too low.