One of the top events of the year for upcoming tech trends is CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. Running from January 9 – 12, 2018, there are hundreds of booths showcasing their tech goods and this year’s overall trending topic is connectivity.

CES 2018 and Home Security

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The same goes for home safety and security.

There have been a lot of advancements in home safety and personal security, making devices more effective and easier to use. One such device is the Ring Video Doorbell, which allows you to monitor every corner of your property.

When someone rings your door with the Ring Video Doorbell,  you can use your smartphone to see and speak with whoever is at your door, wherever you are. The makers of Ring Video Doorbell announced at CES a series of new products such as indoor and outdoor security cameras and connected outdoor lights. So what are the best IP cameras?

This post explains more:

Ring Video DoorbellRing started out with video doorbells and lots and lots of security cameras, but now the company is expanding into a related but less obviously security-focused field: lighting.

The smart camera maker is announcing today that it has acquired Mr Beams, a small company that’s been making wireless LED lights for about a decade. As Ring begins to fold in Mr Beams, it’ll be able to add the company’s lineup of wireless lights, like ceiling lights and lanterns, into its connected portfolio.

That starts with a handful of products: a motion sensor, a nightlight, a stair light, a spotlight, and a path light. The lights are all battery powered and include built-in motion sensors, so they’ll only turn on at night when there’s movement. They also connect to Ring’s app so they can work in conjunction with its security cameras and doorbells. The products are all weatherproof and generally seem to be meant for lighting up the outside of a home.

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Another impressive home security booth at the convention is Vivint Smart Home. Not only is their product very comprehensive, but so is their interactive touchscreen display that allows you to discover more about their system.

Vivint uses indoor and outdoor cameras that provide amazing resolution with sensors that will help to deter criminal activity and make your home safer. They are also integrating Google Assistant for voice control of lighting, security system, and locks.

This video shows rundown or what Vivint offers:

Everyone loves the idea of feeling more secure in their home or business. However, some people believe that all of the cameras are an invasion of their own privacy, like they’re being constantly watched in their own home.

Because of this, one company came up with a solution:  a camera that looks the other way when you’re home. The Angee Smart Camera can rotate 360 degrees, which allows it to turn away once you get home.

Another home security issue is protecting your smart devices from identity theft. Ironically, the more connected your home is, the more vulnerable you are to cybersecurity crimes.

This article about home security at CES 2018 discusses some residential and commercial business technology options for this problem:

Home Safety and Security

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The annual Consumer Electronics Show is the place to be to check out the latest in up-and-coming technology. And this year’s CES is no different, with the latest TVs, connected appliances and voice-enabled products on display at the 2018 event. But also finding the CES spotlight this year are security technologies. Multiple vendors, including ADT and Ring, have announced new connected home security devices, while security vendor McAfee used CES 2018 as the venue to announce its new Identity Theft Protection service. Underpinning the connected home and the internet of things (IoT) is pervasive WiFi connectivity, which is also set to get a security boost thanks to the emerging WPA3 WiFi standard. In this slide show, eWEEK looks at seven security products that were announced at CES 2018.

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Finding a happy medium between protecting your family and enjoying some solitude away from the watchful eye of a security system isn’t easy. The innovation that CES 2018 brings to home security is constantly changing to meet these needs.