Pros and Cons of a Framing Nailer

Have you ever considered buying a nail gun? They aren’t cheap but they are a huge time saver in many circumstances.

Pneumatic nail guns are powerful tools capable of shooting hundreds of nails into a wide range of materials. They not only get the job done faster, but they improve your accuracy and the quality of your workmanship. However, you can’t use them for every project.

As with any tool, there are some disadvantages. This article gives an idea of the situations where a air nail gun isn’t as optimal:

A drawback may be the fact that the air-powered tool requires a dedicated source such as a compressor to work. This may make the tool less portable or even useless in some situations where the work area is confined or requires a smaller, more adaptable tool. For some the noise level produced from the compressor and the action of the tool can be annoying. As a rule, when using an air-powered tool you should wear earplugs and protective eyewear as a precaution.

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Another problem can be that once you put in fasteners with a pneumatic nailer, they are really hard to pull out. These nails have a unique build that makes them easily penetrate most materials, and their head isn’t as big or strong as a regular nail, so dismantling something is a real pain and you usually end up jacking up the wood.

Pointers For Using A Nail Gun

Deciding what length of nail to use in an air gun is a common question. A good gauge is that your construction fastener should be at least twice as long as the depth of the materials you are nailing into.

Another consideration when using a nail gun is the direction of the grain of the wood. You have to be careful to not let the hardness of the wood drive the nail out of the side of the wood.

The narrator of this video discusses best practices for using a nail gun:

The benefits of using a nail gun by far outweigh the disadvantages. Most people have used a hammer at some point in their lives, and you know from that experience that it is slow and can be hazardous to your thumbs and fingers.

A framing nail gun can make a job easier in multiple ways. Of course, it speeds up a job and also makes it possible for one person to manage a project by themselves.

There are some specific factors to consider when buying a framing nailer, as seen in this post:

Key Features of the Best Framing Nailer You Want to Look ForTips for Using a Nail Gun

  • Weight and Balance
  • Metal Strike Plates
  • Rafter Hooks
  • Depth of Drive Adjustment
  • Nail Loading
  • Jam Clearance
  • Dry-fire Lock Out
  • Contact Trip and Sequential Trigger

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The cost of pneumatic air nailers varies, costing anywhere from around $100 all the way to over $500. If you are a casual builder, a less expensive one would suffice, but if you are a full time Denver roofer you might want to consider a brand that’s known to be more durable.