Even though the cost of buying a home has somewhat leveled out along the Front Range of Colorado, there is still a lot of construction going on, creating a shortage of skilled workers. The average wage for a construction worker in Denver is almost $17 per hour —19% above the national average— so it is a great career to get into right now.

Many companies are having trouble finding enough workers to keep up with the demand, so in coordination with the Associated General Contractors of Colorado and other government entities, a vocational school is offering a great opportunity to learn the basics for different areas of construction work. This next article boasts how Emily Griffith Technical College of Denver is helping skilled workers and employers with jobs in Colorado:

Construction companies, Denver school partner to create workforce – 7NEWS Denver TheDenverChannel.comCommercial Roof New Construction

The demand for workers is out there, and now city and state officials are working with Emily Griffith Technical College and major Colorado construction companies such as Mortenson, Saunders & Hensel Phelps to create a workforce.

Just ask Derek Hirschboeck and Rene Beltran about their new jobs — both are working for Mortenson Construction and it’s all thanks to Colorado’s Construction Careers Now program.

Hirschboeck and Beltran are recent graduates of the four-week program and are now working at the RTD Civic Center Station at Broadway and Lincoln, one of the many hi-rises going up in downtown Denver.

Beltran’s dad was a heavy machinery operator and Rene wanted to follow in his footsteps. He heard about the program on the radio and went to the Construction Careers Now website and signed up.

In no time he was sitting in an Emily Griffith classroom in the Denver Tech Center, learning basic carpentry skills, electrical theory, welding, power tool use and construction site safety.

Read more here:  Construction companies, Denver school partner to create workforce – 7NEWS Denver TheDenverChannel.com

This video highlights an annual event held by Emily Griffith Technical School to bring in high school kids as potential future construction workers. It is interesting in a workforce that is only 2.6 percent women,  the two young people they interview are female, demonstrating the possibilities for anyone interested in Denver area construction jobs:

In Colorado, there is a big need for affordable housing and condominiums. However, the Colorado construction-defects reform bill is making it more difficult for contractors, as it allows condo owners to easily sue construction companies, slowing the development. As with any law, there is a fine line between protecting the consumer, being reasonable, and keeping up with housing demands.

This tweet links to an article that provides an overview of how this confrontation is going down between lawmakers and area builders, subcontractors and insurers: